Started in 1969 by Jacqueline Rogers, a noted psychologist and one who was passionate about attacking the smoking problem through education, Smokenders quickly grew to a very large organization conducting seminars around the world!


The Smokenders program was conducted in in hotel meeting rooms and corporate offices across the U.S., Canada, and in Europe.  The Smokenders teams would go into a metro area, advertise the seminars heavily on TV & Radio, and conduct the 8 week program (1 week sales/intro & 7 weeks course) at 4-5 locations in a metro area.  Because of the high cost of moderator travel and lodging expense and advertising, the cost of the course was set  between $300 and $400 per student and a minimum of 100 to 125 students per metro area were needed for the economics to work out.  But they did, and during this time, more than 800,000 students were taught how to quit smoking, the Smokenders way.

1990 to 2000

After its amazing growth, the Smokenders company was sold to corporate interests and began to lack the passion of its founder, Jackie Rogers.  While the seminar programs continued, advertising budgets were slashed and the tremendous growth of Smokenders began to level off and then decline.  The company was sold to a large HMO which had intended to use it exclusively for their insured population, but then the HMO itself was sold to other interests and the Smokenders intellectual property along with it.  This continued through several changes in ownership as the commitment to advertising the brand shrunk even more.  In spite of all of this corporate ownership turmoil, the legacy continued because of the passion and perseverance of the Smokenders moderators!

2000 to 2012

While the corporate and local seminars continued, their number an attendance dwindled, along with the advertising and PR of the Smokenders brand.  To this day, on site seminars are still conducted in several large cities in the U.S. And for large and loyal corporate  clients around the globe.  In Australia and South Africa, Smokenders licensees also conduct regular, face-to-face sessions.  To date, more than 1 million people have learn how to quit smoking using the Smokenders methodology!

A New Smokenders era

In 2012, Smokenders USA licensed it's Intellectual Property to Smokenders Online, LLC., who recognized that the business model that had been so successful for Smokenders USA over the years was no longer cost effective.  That issue, combined with the availability of the Internet as a vehicle with which to disseminate the Smokenders course, formed the whole concept of Smokenders Online!   Don Seibert and Jennifer Ossege founded Smokenders Online LLC. for the express purpose of extending the reach of the Smokenders legacy to help smokers around the world to "learn How to Quit"

Being a graduate of the Smokenders program for more than 3 decades, Don recognized that, despite the attempts of pharmaceutical companies to assist in smoking cessation through various drug therapies over the past decade, the basic smoking problem lingers in our society at nearly 20% of the population!  The Smokenders system of educating people "how to Quit" is the only smoking cessation program that has withstood the test of time and now, Smokenders Online, LLC is poised to take that program to the world using the exciting opportunities presented by the availability of Internet protocols.

Smokenders Legacy